Mouth & Sports Guards

Safeguard Your Smile: Custom Mouth and Sports Guards

Preventive measures are just as important as effective treatments. Our custom mouth and sports guards are specially crafted to shield your teeth from potential damage. Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, we create precise fittings tailored to your unique dental structure.

Invest in your long-term dental health by exploring our range of protective guards. Let our experienced team guide you towards the perfect solution for safeguarding your teeth for years to come.

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Who needs a mouthguard?

There are several reasons why a mouthguard may be beneficial to you. If you play high-contact sports or other physical activities, grind your teeth while sleeping or stressed, or need to prevent shifting after orthodontic treatment, mouthguards can help. These custom-fitted protectors are tailored to fit over your teeth, providing vital defense against potential injuries.

There are three main types of mouthguards:

  1. Custom-fitted mouth protectors: Crafted individually in a dental office, these guards offer unparalleled effectiveness in shielding your teeth from harm.
  2. Stock mouth protectors: Convenient and affordable, these pre-made guards are ready to wear, making them accessible for all.
  3. Boil and bite protectors: Offering a balance between accessibility and fit, these guards are molded to your teeth after a simple boiling process.

At Pristine Dental, we specialize in guiding you toward the perfect mouthguard suited to your lifestyle and dental needs. Protect your smile today with our expert assistance.

What to expect

Mouthguard appointments are pretty straightforward. To begin, we'll discuss your individual needs so we can help you determine which mouthguard is right for your teeth. If you need a custom-fitted mouthguard, we'll take a mould of your teeth, and you can come back to pick it up when it's ready. 

Caring for your mouthguard

  • Rinse your guard with cold water or mouthwash before and after each use
  • Clean your guard with mild soap and a toothbrush as needed
  • Store your guard in a firm, perforated container (we’ll provide you with one) 
  • Avoid exposing your guard to high temperatures 
  • If you notice holes or tears, replace your guard as necessary

Preserve Your Smile

If you play sports, grind your teeth, or need a way to protect your teeth from damage, a mouthguard could be right for you.
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