Crowns and Bridges

A painless way to repair your teeth

Restore your teeth to their natural look and feel. Whether you’re looking for smile repair or need immediate attention, crowns and bridges can restore your teeth's functionality by fixing cracks, damage, and decay. Plus, with our CEREC technology, crowns and bridges are easy procedures that get you in and out of the dentist's chair in a single day. 

Dentist holding crown up to plaster mould

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an artificial covering for your tooth.

Crowns strengthen damaged teeth and protect them from further damage, helping them last longer. Crowns can also be used to cover up discoloured or misshapen teeth.

What to Expect From a Dental Crown Procedure

Everyone's dental needs are different, and your appointment will be tailored to your situation. That said, here's how the dentist will conduct a typical procedure:

  • Use a local anesthetic to numb the area
  • Reshape your natural tooth for restoration
  • Take a digital scan of your tooth
  • Use CEREC technology to create your custom crown (which is fabricated in our in-house lab)
  • Apply the crown the same day
  • Check to ensure the crown is the right fit, shape, colour, and bite for your mouth

Once the crown is cemented into place, you should notice an immediate difference in the look and feel of your mouth!

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that replaces one or more missing teeth.

Dental bridges are fused between two crowns or implants fitted over your natural teeth. There are different types of bridges, including:

  • Traditional bridges: Used for a single space between natural teeth
  • Implant bridges: Used for multiple gaps or if natural teeth can’t support a traditional bridge
  • Resin-bonded bridges: Used for a gap in the front teeth
  • Cantilever bridges: Used for gaps with natural teeth on only one side

Proper hygiene is important for maintaining the function and quality of your dental bridge. Your dentist will work with you to determine the right bridge for your teeth.

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What to Expect From a Dental Bridge Procedure

While, like crowns, bridge treatments vary from person to person, a typical dental bridge procedure involves:

  • Examining your mouth and teeth to determine the best treatment for you
  • Taking x-rays and measurements of your mouth
  • Preparing and fitting the dental bridge to your jaw

Our Technology

Our priority is to make your dental procedure as quick, accurate, and painless as possible. We use a variety of cutting-edge systems to give you the specialized care you need.

We use a professional scanner called a CBCT system to take 3D x-rays of your jaw, mouth, neck, ears, nose, and throat. We can use this technology for dental implant planning, tooth assessments, and other dental issues like cavities and root canals. This, combined with our in-house lab, allows us to provide innovative dental treatments to help you achieve healthy, strong teeth.

Reclaim Your Smile

If you have damaged teeth or are experiencing discomfort, don't wait to ease the pain — please book an appointment with us as soon as possible. 


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